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Diabetic Complex 90 Capsules

Diabetic Complex 90 Capsules

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Quimbombo, Okra, is known to be a natural help in stabilizing sugar levels.

Dandelion: helps promote the formation of bile.

Chromium Picolinate: known as a glucose tolerance factor, which helps insulin activity.

Vanadyl Sulfate: helps those suffering from diabetes because of its "insulin like activity"



Quimbombo, Okra, es conocido por ser una ayuda natural para estabilizar los niveles de azúcar.


Diente de león: ayuda a promover la formación de bilis.


Picolinato de cromo: conocido como factor de tolerancia a la glucosa, que ayuda a la actividad de la insulina.


Sulfato de Vanadyl: ayuda a quienes padecen diabetes debido a su "actividad similar a la insulina"



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I order 2 bottles of the product and received only 1 and the receipt said 2. I email the company and no one answer me back ever. I just bought 1 bottle through Shop and they are charging me for 3 bottles. I just email them let’s see if they respond. Not a good customer service nor POS.

Hello, we are very sorry that you had to leave us a bad review for this. The reason why it shows you were charged 3 times is because the merchant could not verify your credit card info.. Therefore you tried 3 times until your credit card payment went through. These charges were all pending with your bank, and at no moment did receive 3 payments. We did reach out to you, but we did not respond immediately since it was the weekend.

Robert Hand

As a late life type 2 diabetic, I've been using Diabetic Complex for quite a few years now, and wouldn't be without it. I feel that it plays a major role for me in controlling my glucose levels, and I highly recommend it to others. Thank you for this wonderful product, Sunshine Naturals!

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